The Field

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The FIELD OF PLAY (FOP) shall be rectangular, 30 meters wide and 60 meters long, measured to the inside of the perimeter line. If a player's foot touches on any part of the perimeter line, they are out of bounds. The boundaries of the field shall be marked with white or contrasting-colored lines. The long sides of the field shall be designated sidelines; the short sides shall be designated end lines. 


A bold white or contrasting-colored line shall be marked through the center of the field perpendicular to the sidelines. This line shall be known as the CENTER LINE and shall continue through any midfield logos, the middle square demarcation or other markings. There will be two similar parallel lines 12 meters out from the end lines. They will be known as the 12 METER LINE. The area between the 12 meter line and the End Boundary Line of the field will be known as the STRIKE ZONE (SZ).

Three SQUARE DEMARCATIONS will be located on the Field Of Play in a diagonal line to the other. Facing the field from the press box side, the first Square Demarcation will be positioned on the south side (the lower third of the playing field) on the left 12 meter line. The second one located in the middle on the Center Line (and will be painted yellow), and the third Square Demarcation will be on the north side of the right 12 meter line. The squares will be 5 by 5 meters and will be split by the 12 meter lines and center line.

The GOAL ZONE (GZ) will be 4 meters square located on each end of the field centered at the middle of the end perimeter line. The turf within the goal zone lines will be painted blue on one end of the field and red on the other.

(Note: chalk lines shall be a minimum of 51 millimeters (2 inches) in width and no more than 102 millimeters (4 inches) in width.