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Q) What is comBATON?
A) comBATON (pronounced com’ba’ton) is a new team sport that is rooted in the martial arts. The sport of comBATON is a team strategy game in which the players must utilize dynamic kicking ability in order to be successful. Six players field each team. The offensive team has possession of the baton and must battle down the field of play toward their defenders’ goal pole. In order to score points for their team a player must have possession of the baton at the time he executes a kick on the goal pole. The goal pole must be dislodged from its base for points to be scored.

Q) Is comBATON dangerous?
A) comBATON is a full contact sport. However, because of the dynamics of comBATON, it should not have any of the severe injuries that plague American football. Haphazard and awkward tackling in football sometimes result in  injuries so severe that it can ruin a season or a career for that individual. comBATON, on the other hand, demands technically executed kicks to specific target areas. As in the martial arts in general, severe injuries have been few and far between.

Q) Are teams broken down into age groups?
A) Yes. Currently, there is a girls 17 and under group combined with boys 13 and under. Boys 14 to 17, and adult males 18 and up. If sufficient interest is shown from kids in specific age groups, then new divisions will be created.

Q) Is it gender specific?
A) Yes and no. Right now, as mentioned above, we have girls and boys playing together. However, as we grow and expand we would like to have gender specific teams. Nonetheless, if there are female athletes who feel they can compete with their male counterparts, then the door will be open for tryouts. I have no doubt that there are females who can compete with the males in a team competition. But, it will be contingent upon their selection by the team coach. Ideally, the coach will be unbiased and will choose only the best players to fill the roster. 

Q) How safe is it?
A) The players must wear a specially designed flak jacket that will protect the entire torso area. A hard shell helmet with interior padding and a face guard will protect the head. There is a uniform underdevelopment that will have pockets for thigh pads. The shin and forearm pads will be held underneath by the skintight uniform. For now, the standard shin, forearm, elbow pads will be used until the new uniform and pad system is ready for use.

Q) How does one get started?
A) By applying online at the official comBATON website. Under the category “applications” will be a form that you can fill out and submit. You can also review or download the rules packet. There are also manuals for each of the key positions, such as for officials, coaches, players, administrators that can be downloaded. If you sign up as a player, the league will setup a tryout at the nearest team to you.

Q) Can I start a team?
A) You can apply to be a team sponsor and/or coach. If you have a knowledge base in the martial arts and are able to sign up six or more prospective players to train, and you are not in the same vicinity of another team, you’ll have a good chance of being licensed.

Q) If I get accepted as a team sponsor, what happens next?
A) The league will put you through their certification program and will assist you in developing and managing your team.

Q) What qualifications do you need to have in order to join the league?
A) It depends on the position you are applying for. The players and coaches must already have sufficient training in the martial arts. Must be able to kick, throw and grapple. Officials should also have had some martial arts training but that is not mandatory. Administrators or directors must have management experience.

Q) What is the future of comBATON?
A) Because it is based in the martial arts, and that the martial arts are active in almost every country on the planet, we feel combaton has enormous potential to become one of the more popular team sports in the world. It contains all the elements that sports fans tend to like. It’s full contact, it has grace and skill, the strategy of team play, and the athletes will be among the best conditioned of any sport.