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The Baton

The BatonThe BATON is a cylinder shaped rubber tube that is 356 millimeters (14 inches) in length and 38 millimeters (1 ½ inch) in diameter, weighing approximately one pound. The body is rigid with a hollow core yet will collapse if fallen upon. The color shall be bright yellow, orange or blue. It can be thrown or handed to another player during the course of the game.  It is used as the focal point in which the action of the game revolves around the location of the baton.

Batons shall be supplied by the home team. A minimum of three batons shall be available for use.

The Goal Pole

Goal PoleThe GOAL POLE (GP) is made of a semi-hard core rubber and will be 38 millimeters (1 ½ inch) in diameter and 356 millimeters (14 inches) in length. A Poly High-Car vinyl type material will cover the Goal Pole. The Goal Pole will be attached to the extension arm by a magnet on its base. The magnet will be sufficient in strength to require a technically executed kick in order to dislodge it from its base. A tether will be attached to the Goal Pole and secured to the extension arm to prevent injury after dislocation by a kick. The use of magnets will allow the GP to be kicked from any direction.

The extension arm will measure 2.5 meters (8 feet) in length, and will be attached to the base pole that will be affixed in the ground or to a portable foundation. The base pole will be 2.5 meters from ground surface to top and located .61 meter (2 feet) on the outside of the end line and away from the playing field. The extension arm will be centered in the approximate middle of the 4 by 4 meter (12' by 12') Goal Zone. The Goal Pole will extend downward at the end of the extension arm. The height from the bottom tip of the Goal Pole to the field surface will measure 1.5 meters (5 feet). The extension arm and foundation pole supporting the Goal Pole will be sufficiently padded to protect players if contact is made.

The Uniform

action shotAll players shall wear the designated uniform and equipment. The helmet is a fiberglass type shell with interior padding and a face guard. The helmet chin strap shall be firmly attached and must be used during the course of the game. If any snaps are hanging, the official will request that the player fix the snaps. Players can wear martial art shoes with instep padding or go bare foot. All competing players shall wear intra-oral mouthpieces during play.

For now, numbered jerseys and martial art pants with team colors and designs, standard protective padding, including cup, will be worn during game competition.

A special padding system and uniform is currently under development. The uniform will consist of skin tight spandex suits that cover the entire body except for the feet and hands. Colors will designate the team identity and the name and number will identity the player imprinted visibly on the uniform. Custom pads will be warn underneath the uniform and streamlined to the player’s physique. 

Prohibited Equipment

No player shall wear or carry equipment that, in the opinion of the officials, endangers that individual or other players. Players shall not wear anything on the outside of their jersey or alter it in any other way that might obstruct the view of their identifying number. Duplicate numbers on jerseys shall not be permitted on the same team.

Any equipment used by a player that is not sanctioned by the league will be removed from the game until the problem is corrected. The referee has jurisdiction to remove the player for the entire game if the problem persists.