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zach gooch

Zach Gooch - Player for The Ninja of Spring Hill:

"It's a really good sport, itís better than football or baseball. It probably incorporates about every sport there is. Itís just a lot of fun to play. I like to take risks; there really is no way of avoiding getting yourself hit."

"It's improv my kicks a lot. Itís actually improved my cardio when I spar. I have a lot more longevity since Iíve been playing comBATON. And it really has improved me as a martial artist."

Lauren Cain - Player for the Ninja of Spring Hill:

"Well, I think that itís, probably for me, itís one of the best sports Iíve ever done. And itís taught me a lot about sportsmanship, and how to control my kicks in Tae Kwon Do. I think itís a really great sport."
Player Joel Mislay

Joel Mislay - Player for the Ninja of Spring Hill:

"In my opinion I think itís the toughest and the best sport Iíve ever played. Because like number 1, I can apply the kicks Iíve been using in martial arts, Tae Kwon Do. I have to focus more on my stamina, not just like when working out. And also, it kind of tough, youíre not only concentrating, like in basketball, youíre not only concentrating on the ball. You need to watch your back, also. I think it will be a popular sport one day."

Ref Mark Koster

Mark Koster - comBATON Referee:

"I have two boys in comBATON. They both enjoy it. A nice activity to get outside and run around with kids their age. Officiating comBATON is similar in a lot of respects to football and Tae Kwon Do point sparring. The equipment is fairly easy to use and fairly inexpensive. So anybody can pretty much start up a team, if they want to."

"Itís definitely a contact sport. But itís not something that is really dangerous as long as you keep the game under control."