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The comBATON league is looking to expand

create teamIf you operate a martial arts school or an organization related to the martial arts, or if you have the management skills and the access to martial artists to start a team, please fill out our application form and you will be contacted within two weeks. You must have at least five prospective players that will sign up to play for your team.

If you are accepted as a team director or coach, you receive a license from the league and you will be assigned a league representative to help you start and operate your team. In addition, you will receive a packet containing all the rules as well as a program to manage your team. The league will assist you in all facets of organization, if you should need it. Such as, but not limited to:

  • Finding a practice field
  • Scheduling practices
  • Obtaining field equipment: goal pole, batons, field markers
  • Training for staff, players, coaches

You must report to the league office any problems that develop within your team organization. The league wants you to grow and profit from your participation in comBATON and will help you in any way possible to resolve any conflict or problem that needs to be addressed. There is no problem too small for consideration. Only by having an open line of communication line can we grow and expand at a rapid rate.

What you get

  • An official web page
  •  Each team will be able to develop an income stream through the sale of equipment, uniforms, T-shirts, bumper stickers, patches, sweatshirts, carrying bags, etc. with the league logo and your team logo.
  • This income will be designated for purchases of office supplies and to pay the coaches and staff for the team. Items sold through your website will be posted on your web page. All income will be accounted for and distributed by the league office.

Once your team has developed to the point of competitiveness, they will be worked into a game schedule for a season where they will play other teams in the league. At the end of the regulation season, there will be a post-season. If your team makes it into the post-season, then you will be scheduled for the playoffs. The final championship game will be played as a best-out-of-three series.